Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wish Me Luck for my BIG SWIM!

Hi! I hope you're well and happy today! :-)

It's my Swimathon day today! So this is a very quick post before I get ready... I'm really looking forward to it but don't feel 100% well, which is a bit of a pain but there ya go.

So to celebrate (what is life for??), here's a video of some of the music from one of my favourite video games: Jet Set Radio which came out for the Dreamcast.  I love the music from this game and if I could get the soundtrack on CD (or even a download) I'd be a very happy lady!  But thanks to YouTube and Renegade466isback, I can enjoy the games again without dusting off the old Dreamcast, and turning it upside down (which is what we'd have to do to get it to work again, apparently... don't ask!)

Best wishes
Joey xx

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  1. You did really well Joey especially as you weren't feeling 100% . Congratulations!!



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