Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tutorial: Etsy/Dawanda/Folksy DIY photo business cards

If you have a shop on Etsy, Dawanda or Folksy (or any of the other similar sites) where you can sell your handmade stuff, you probably have some little cards to advertise your shop.  It's nice to put in a little card with orders you're sending out, so your customers can remember you and perhaps pass on your name... or to have at a craft fair that people can pick up and then visit your online shop at a later date. However you may have been put off buying expensive printed ones.

My partner had the great idea of setting up an image which can be printed and then chopped up using a paper cutter (or craft knife and ruler) at home.  I'll show you how I created my little cards, which I think are cute and collectable but cost a fraction of the price  of similar cards! (mine worked out to be less than 2p for each card)

Obviously, they will be on photo paper (unless you have a decent printer at home, then you can print on anything you like!), but you will have the option of either a glossy or matt surface, and will be one-sided.  Although you can always create a back and front and glue them together!

First of all, you need to have Google Picasa installed on your pc. It's free of course!

I'll assume that you've already taken the photos you want to use for your cards, so open Picasa and select them.  Now follow the steps in the pictures below.

When you receive your prints through the post (or immediately if you've used your own printer), you can carefully cut them up with a paper-cutter (guillotine). This is a lot neater than just using scissors, and safer then using a craft knife/scalpel and ruler.

I'd love to know if you've had a go a making your own photo business cards using this tutorial - please leave a comment below!

Joey x


  1. Hey Joey
    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I am going to do some of these - I just need to decide what photo to use. your owl is just lovely by the way :-)

  2. these look good, they're a great idea, and money saving too. i like them a lot! a lovely tutorial, must have taken u ages! lovely pix, id like one of each!! x x x


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