Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Dimple, the pink and grey owl brooch

Hi! I've finished another cute little owl brooch, complete with moving wings, and she's on my Etsy shop now!  The colours remind me of April skies; grey and heavy with rain, but also pink cherry blossom bursting from branches.

I do like making these little owls, but they are quite fiddly to make! The favourite part of making them is doing the french knots in shaded thread, because I love seeing the little knots appear in a different colour each time! Yes, I know, simple things for simple people... ;-)

I'm going to be soon making some purses with buttons and embroidery, similar to my tote bags (like the one below), but obviously on a smaller scale. I saw a lovely little purse today in Accessorize, the fabric was slightly sparkly and it had some delicate embroidery.  I want to create the same sort of feeling I got when I handled it, something precious to hold something else which is precious... it was far too nice to put dirty loose change into!

My pastel circles bag... hand-sewn, with hand embroidery and cute buttons!

So watch this space for some work-in-progress shots very soon!

Joey xx


  1. Aww the owl is cute and dreamy like :)

  2. What a lovely soft spring post! The colours of both your owl and your bag have made me go 'sigh' and feel all yummy.
    Claire x


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