Friday, 23 April 2010

Earth Day in the Back Garden

Hi! I hope you've had a good day! Did you know that it was Earth Day yesterday? Well, quite by coincidence but quite fittingly, I happened to be making a brooch to show my support for The Green Party during the run-up to the general election. This is my way of being political; I cannot argue over policies and political philosophies with . Why the Green Party? Well, I've supported them (and been a member, though not at the moment) for a few years now because they have intelligent and fair policies which aim to raise the standard of living for the least well-off in society. They believe that a multicultural society is a good thing, to be welcomed. I want to live in a country in which everyone will feel valued, no matter what their background.

Anyway, because it was such a beautiful sunny day, I sat outside to embroider several hundred french knots (that's an exaggeration but it's what it felt like!) which make up the Earth motif.

I was joined by a robin (or was it two?) who was collecting bits of dried grass and stuff, and kept flying back to the dark conifer in next-door's garden.  Can only be doing one thing...  Robins are brilliant, they come so close and I think they're so cute with their perky little beaks and big eyes!  They're really acrobatic too, turning mid-air and almost hovering to change direction.

Then later on, a ladybird came to have a nosey at what I was doing. He obligingly posed for some photos for five minutes and then flew away again!
the planes are back...

I have finished the brooch this evening and I'll post a picture of the completed brooch at the weekend. It's already pinned to my coat so I can show everyone tomorrow! Wish me luck that I don't get caught up in an argument about party politics! Well, I'll only have myself to blame, won't I? ;-)

the text transferred, ready for embroidering... which I've completed now!

Here's a song by Heavens to Betsy, a band that I happened to share a bedroom with one night, many years ago. I really love the melody and the words just make my heart melt, I think it's beautiful but very sad...

Have a great Friday!
Joey xx


  1. Hello it's Fluff here the owl you met at the chestnut centre. I would like to make a nest in the garden as for earth day I am baffled.

  2. I love your brooch! The colours are so lovely - you know me and green!! The french knots look so fresh and yummy. Well done - can't wait to see it.
    Claire x

  3. Oh and I forgot to say I love the robin (yum yum)
    Fluff the owl x

  4. oooh you've been blogging lots, ive just been catching up! i LOVE that brooch you've made, what a good idea! love the pics of your day in the garden! xxx

  5. You should send the Green Party an e-mail with a link to your brooch :) Very pretty!!

    Love the robin and ladybird pic's too!



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