Monday, 5 April 2010

Mottieve, the Blue Owl!

Hiya! I hope you've been enjoying the Easter break so far... and it's not finished yet! Yippee!

I was really quite productive yesterday and finished the first one of a new brooch design: an owl! I've called him "Mottieve" (pronounced "motty-vee") which is a made-up name I found, but I like the sound of it. 

The design isn't completely new... do you remember the owl and pussycat in a pea green boat sets that I made together with my friend Claire of The Pin Factory?

Well, I've used the same owl design because I loved it so much! There is one difference though... now, his wings pivot, so you can make him flap them! I'm a real sucker for a novelty, and I was determined that my owlie brooch would have flapping wings!  The picture below shows Mottieve in progress, a couple of days ago, minus his striking tummy markings!

He's in my Etsy shop, Joey's Dream Garden right now... go take a look!

I will be starting another one very very soon too!

Have a great day everyone!
Joey x


  1. O my goodness! This is so cute. I love the colour and the idea for moveable wings. I'm on an owl fixation at the moment - great minds think alike! Regards Julia

  2. Very cute, i love his tummy especially and that you can move his wings!

  3. Thanks Julia and Natasha! Me and Mottieve are flattered! ;-)
    Joey x

  4. What a darling owl! And I love the ginkgo leaf background that you displayed him on, too! I've caught the owl fever that seems to be going around, so I cross-stitched this little guy back in February:
    xo Shelly

  5. Hi Shelly! Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm going to look at your black owl now! :-)
    The ginkgo background is a piece of origami paper, that pattern also comes in a green, yellow and white colour scheme. Nice.
    Joey x

  6. These owls are special little cuties Joey - Pretty designs and I love this colour :D

    Fab' that it's wings move!!



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