Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Affodell, the little springtime owl!

Hiya!  I hope you're not too blue if you've had to go back to work after Easter... remember there's another bank holiday coming up in a few weeks!

Just like I promised, I've made another owl brooch... yes, already!  Wasn't that quick for me?

This one I've named Affodell, and I think she looks like a she-owl.  Her colours were inspired by all the beautiful daffodils and narcissi (I don't know the difference though!) I saw on Sunday in the botanical gardens.  Just like this:

Daffodils in Sheffield Botanical Gardens

She's in my Etsy shop, Joey's Dream Garden, right now!

Have a happy day!
Joey x


  1. Oooh! Another adorable owl! I love it in yellow. Thanks for coming by my blog and sending me the link to the photo of the sleeping owls-- so darling!

  2. joey you know i love your owls, but i didnt know you had a new look blog! i love it, its very cute! i love the little picture frames and the vintagey looking background! lovely! xx


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