Saturday, 24 April 2010

Treasury Time!

Hi! I hope you're having a good weekend!  Apparently it's been the hottest day in the UK this year so far, and although the sun's been out I think it's been pretty nippy!  I must be getting old. Well, I am 36 after all...

Etsy's even better now they've introduced a new treasury in beta: Treasury East! If you haven't seen it yet, please take a look at some fantastic treasuries and have a go at making one yourself.  Now there's no hours and hours waiting for that special moment to come around when you get to very quickly type in the title before the box disappears and suddenly there's 800+ treasuries from nowhere (can you tell that I've been stung by the Etsy treasury a few times?) or get to your computer and find that you've miscalculated the time that the treasury would be available again??  Annoying, wasn't it?

Here's the first one I've made this afternoon. I was feeling tired after a swim (just over half a mile, not much) and thought I deserved a treat! Click the picture to go to the "real" treasury.

And here's the first one in which something of mine has been featured!  This gorgeously bright and summery treasury was made by Black Cat Crafts and is called "Pretty in Pink and Orange".  It features Clement, the Mewberry Cutes brooch from my shop. :-)  Thank you, Black Cat Crafts!

Now go and make your own featuring the most beautiful handmade things you can find on Etsy!!

Have a lovely evening everyone!
Joey xx

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  1. Great treasury Joey!! Congratulations on getting your work in a treasury :D


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