Sunday, 25 April 2010

My Green Party Brooch

Good morning! It's sunny here today (yippee!) but still a bit "fresh"!

As promised, here's a picture of my finished Green Party brooch which I showed you in progress in this post.

I made this brooch by hand to show my support for the Green Party during the run-up to the UK general election 2010 and the local council election. Election Day is on 6th May, so I've plenty of days to show it off!

I copied the Green Party logo as closely as I could, using felt applique and different embroidery stitches; the petals around the world are glued on, then embroidered with a white straight stitch and french knots in green to add a bit of interest and texture.  The world map was completed entired in lots of french knots in white.  The brooch has a thin layer of cotton padding inside, and also a piece of flexible plastic, cut from a washed plastic milk bottle to make sure the brooch doesn't go all floppy!  This is something I use quite a lot, and has the added benefit of recycling and not having to buy more plastic! I did toy with the idea of finishing the brooch's edge with blanket stitch in a contrasting colour, or working seed beads into it, but decided that I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, to go along with the simple colour scheme.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!
Joey xx

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  1. Your embroidery is just perfect Joey as always! Love the crispness of your brooch!
    Claire x


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