Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas!

I've had a lot of fun today! Sheffield has had a massive load of snow, so I was very happy to arrive at work to be told that I could go straight home again! Hurrah! Me and Mathew had a walk through Sheffield city centre to see the snowy spectacle and take loads of pictures (which you can see on my Flickr page here if you want!  The Very Very Snowy Day Set)

Anyway, I had to go into work today because I had to take in this little angel decoration I'd made yesterday!  One of my work friends has made a Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar for the building. On each day a door is opened to reveal a photo with a Christmassy/wintry theme, submitted by different members of staff (four of the photos are mine).

Of course, every Christmas tree needs something to go at the top, so my colleague asked me to make a little angel.  I roughly sketched the design, then re-drew it a bit neater and more symmetrical.  I used carbon paper to transfer the design onto foamboard.  I made the halo and each of the wings separately, then painted the angel with acrylic and gouache (poster) paints. Foamboard is quite difficult to cut around the intricate shapes; I used a Fiskars craft knife with a new blade, and made short cuts to round off the angel's curly hair. The halo is made from an oval of gold crepe paper stuck onto foamboard and the wings are glittery wrapping paper with a curly design painted on. I then glued the halo and the wings to the back of the angel to give a three-dimensional effect.

I'm quite pleased with my little angel, but I don't know if it's a boy or a girl. What do you think?

If it's snowy where you are too, stay warm tomorrow!
best wishes
Joey x


  1. Oh Joey she is gorgeous (there I have decided it is a girl!) you are so clever! I don't think I could give it to work! Well done you
    Claire x

  2. The angel is ADORABLE - doesn't matter if girl or boy! :)

  3. Thank you Claire! Well I'm only lending it to work, I'm getting it back after Christmas, no fear!!

    Thank you Lauren! And I think you're right, I think I prefer that I can't decide whether its a girl or a boy!

    Thank you Vera! You're a fantastic illustrator so I take that as a great compliment! :D

    Best wishes to you all!
    Joey xx

  4. beautiful Joey! I love it! very cute little design, i really like the pencil sketch aswell actually. ooooh i know this isnt felt, but have you thought about making felt tree decs? like your brooches but with ribbons for hanging on trees!! that would be fab! xxx

  5. Thank you Janine! Well yes I keep saying to myself that I'll make Christmas tree ornaments (well I've made a few for our own tree in the past, but they don't really count) but I think I'll have to make this little angel in felt!! Thank you for the idea - even if it wasn't really what you meant but I love it! :D Watch this space!!
    J xx


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