Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Old McJoey Had a Farm, ee-i, ee-i, o - progress

Farm animal brooches so far... nearly all the features embroidered on
Good morning!
Yesterday was wetter than a fish's wet bits, the rain poured and then poured some more. Which was actually sort of good in a way as it kept me imprisoned in my little stitching sweat shop (actually freezing until we splashed out and put the fire on in the evening! trying to be good to the environment and our gas bills) and made good progress on the lil' critters.

Embroidering the features has to be my favourite part of making brooches and stuff, because it feels like I'm giving them their character.  That's just made me think, you sometimes see dolls and characters in illustration without a nose, occasionally without a mouth, but I don't think I've ever seen something without eyes.  Interesting.  I think somehow that would make the doll very very disturbing.

Maybe something like this?

Travel by Leaf Number 1 by Eva Funderburgh

They're wonderful, aren't they? I love all of Eva Funderburgh's ceramic sculptures, she has such a compelling and imaginative menagerie of beasts that look a bit like a familiar animals, but so other-worldly that they are quite unsettling in a very satisfying way.

Have a creative and warm day everyone!
Joey xx


  1. I love these brooches Joey! You instill such wonderful little characters into each one. Little stitch by little stitch they come to life and grow wonderful little personalities. I cannot wait to see your stall and get the chance to meet each one of these guys!
    And yes we want eyes thank you very much!
    Claire x

  2. Your brooches are adorable and coming along nicely I hope you sell many of them! The sculpture I like them without eyes too, surreal.

  3. Thank you Claire, that's very kind! I will have to bring a few along with me when I come over next week hopefully!

    And thank you Vera! Well I've finished these farm animal ones and I took them to the fair and lots of people said they were nice but I didn't sell one!! So I'm going to put them in my Etsy shop very soon. I'm making a little diorama for them to stand in first, so I can take photos of them in a lovely setting!
    Best wishes
    Joey x


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