Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oink Baa, Double Cluck, Double Cluck

Farm Animals Brooches - in progress

Hi there!
I hope you've had good bonfire night and/or Diwali if you've been celebrating!

If you're a connosieur of children's telly, you'll recognise that the title to this post is a little homage to the animated show, "Hannah's Helpline", as on the theme song they sing, "Moo baa, double quack, double quack" as that's the 'number' to phone Hannah's helpline for emotional, financial or legal support. For animals. Have a look! It's very cute.

I've been making some 'farm animal' brooches for my stall at the Craft Candy craft fair on 27 November; you can see at the top the progress I've made so far.  These brooches use the same patterns as the finger puppets I made for Making Gifts Magazine.

The finger puppets I made for Making Gifts magazine

You can make your own if you follow this link to get the FREE pattern! Finger Puppet Farm (you will first need to register (for free) here:
Any brooches which I don't sell at the fair will be in my Etsy shop quicker than you can dial "oink, baa, double cluck, double cluck'!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Joey xx


  1. All of these are cute, but I especially love the goat! What a cute little beard!

  2. oooh yes farm animal brooches! what a good idea! i love these, i cant remember which finger puppet i said i liked best, but im looking at the brooches now, and i like the piglet, the lamb, the hen and the sheepdog. i cant wait to see your stall at the fair and all the lovely things you've been making! XXX

  3. Cheers Janine! Well I haven't made any sheepdog brooches but Mathew says I should because people like dogs (I'm not a dog fan) so watch this space! :D
    Yes it's not long til the fair now - argh! I'm not ready!! :O
    J xx

  4. dogs and cats - the peoples favourites! u cant fail - mathew is right!! xxx

  5. I love it when you post about what you are making! These are going to be great! Wheres my little felt farm so I can come over and play :-)
    Claire x


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