Sunday, 19 December 2010

Work in Progress: An Angelic Robe and an Angelic Face

I thought I'd share with you a bit more of the Angel Bunny I'm making at the moment...

Here's the front piece, with the embroidered 'robe' (I don't want to call it a dress, angels don't really wear dresses do they?). I used some very easy-to-sew-with silver thread called Ophir by Coats. I used backstitch. You don't need to separate the threads which is a bonus when using metallic threads, I find that really difficult.  The picture doesn't capture the effect of the silver thread but it's very shiny!

 Then I embroidered the sleeves of the robe in backstitch and glued on the hands (or should that be paws? Yes, Joey). I finished the paws off my stitching around them in a matching thread.

I embroidered the features in split-stitch because I find it's quite 'controllable'; you can quite easily create tiny intricate outlines and go around tight curves without any bother, though I don't think it's the most beautiful stitch. It's quite utilitarian I suppose.

I don't know about you, but I cannot make something without taking it apart and changing some part of it at least once along the process. I've been quite good at planning this piece, but I did have to change her mouth. If you look below, I hadn't outlined the whole mouth in black...

... but I decided that it might look a bit like she's sticking her tongue out! So I unpicked it all, and re-did it like this:

Which I much preferred.  Lastly, I embroidered the ears to indicate the 'openings', and filled in the mouth with satin-stitch.

Here is the finished front-piece:

Next jobs will be to embroider the halo and finish the wings.

I promise that I will finish her before Christmas!!

Best wishes
Joey xx


  1. OH she is so sweet, Yes the mouth is much better the second time. Leave us not discuss the number of times things get redone before I am satisfied with the results. Slows production but in the end hopefully I am happy.
    Anxious to see the Anget finished.
    gsolfot and PF

  2. She's so cute~ X3
    Lots of details~ I love the embroidery of her outfit! :)

  3. Hi Tantie and thank you! Us perfectionists, eh? What are we like? But if it's not exactly right, then what's the point? :D Making things perfect or as near perfect as you can get is so much more satisfying than settling for the first result... well hopefully Angel Bun will be finished tomorrow (Tues) at some point... we will see! She's going on the top of our Christmas tree if it ever goes up!!

    Hi Chi and thank you! I'm glad that you like her, I do like to do lots of embroidery so watch this space in the New Year as I'm hoping to do LOTS and LOTS of embroidery, and posting work-in-progress pics! Thank you for visiting and commenting Chi, I really appreciate it!

    Hugs to you both
    Joey x

  4. Hey Joey she is beautiful! I love the final mouth she is singing with a very beautiful voice too I can almost hear her. Your embroidery is always breathtaking - that dress is divine! I cannot wait to see it finished I am hoping for another blog this week with the final angel!
    Claire x

  5. Your bunny is turning out so well! I love all the detail. How big is it?

  6. wow you've got some crazy neat stitches there! it looks beautiful! the change of the blue stitches on the mouth was worth the trouble.

  7. Oh thank you! You're all so kind!

    Hi Claire! Yes she is singing very beautifully isn't she? I think it's the first bit of "Once in Royal David's City" that a single choirboy always sings at the beginning of "Nine lessons and carols" on Christmas Eve on Radio 4 which is MANDATORY listening for Christmas Eve - whether live or later on the iPlayer!! :D That bit always me want to have a little weep!

    Thank you Katie! I hope you think that when I have finished her! She is actually quite big - about 24cm tall from the toes to the tips of her ears. I usually make quite small brooches about 7cm tall, it's nice to make something big for a change, I get to do more embroidery!

    Hi Vera, thank you! I try to be neat, but thankfully you can't see the backs as they're really messy!

    Best wishes everyone!
    Joey xxx


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