Saturday, 18 December 2010

Work in Progress: Angel Bunny

Hi! I have a very nasty cold at the moment, and my partner Mathew has got the same thing so our house is an incubation unit for germs at the mo. I have no voice! Which I have learnt is referred to as 'laryngitis'; inflammation of the larynx. So apologies for whispering, it's the best I can do. ;-)

Do you remember that angel I made and posted a picture of a few weeks back? Well, I've decided that I want to make a BUNNY version (of course!) in FELT. I've just started but thought I would share with you how far I'm up to because I'm going to share the pattern and a tutorial for making it too!  Here's the angel just to refresh your memory:

So far, I've just cut out all the felt pieces (backed with iron-on Vilene, of course). Below is the halo pieces, paws and wings.

I glued the head, body and legs together, thus (the bunny on the left shows the wrong side and how I cut the pieces, and the bunny on the right shows the right (felty) side, how the bunny will look.

These are the wings (which will be double-sided), I'm really pleased with them so far.
So please watch this space for further updates, and the pattern and instructions on how to make your own angel!
Best wishes and have a great weekend!
Joey xx


  1. Hey Joey!
    I am loving her already! The emboirdery on the wings is so so so lovely! I want to see her done so hurry up!
    Its wonderful seeing what you are working on.
    love and xmassy hugs your way
    Claire xx

  2. Joey
    What a creative and prolific artisan.
    Hurry up and finish Miss Bunny Angel I want to see. What's next in the parade of Angels, cat, dog?
    Tantie /GSOLFOT

  3. Oh thank you Claire! I have made more progress today whilst at the same time coughing my guts up! Oh but had a break to watch Horton Hears a Who which was fab!

    And thank you Tantie! I will hurry up the bestest I can, I don't think I'd better let this bunny ever leave the house though because it will be impregnated with my cold germs!! Oh dear!

    hugs & best wishes
    Joey xx

  4. Looking really good Joey - congratulations! Happy Christmas!
    love Louise x


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