Wednesday, 20 February 2008

J is for Joey's Dream Garden!

Fellow felt-botherer Cherrypips makes some damn fine things. We (me and Cherrypips) decided to do a swap, I made her Essie, the sparkling stars bunny, and Cherrypips (also known as Nicola Lambert) made me a flower filled letter J brooch. We both received our swaps yesterday at roughly the same time as we both live in the UK.

Little Tiger thinks it's his brooch.... please may I have it back now? No? Oh well...

Essie, the sparkling Stars bunny brooch, relaxing in the constellations.

This is a macro shot of the the letter J Bouquet brooch. I love the tiny, tiny stitches that make up each flower centre, and the assortment of colours and patterns of the flowers, like soft jewels! I love this because it's the first letter of my name, so a bit like a name badge, but it's happy and sunny and pretty and soft, nothing like a name badge!

Thank you Nicola Cherrypips!

Joey x

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