Friday, 8 February 2008


Is spring coming already? I saw my first daffodils today, maybe they don't know that it's still February. I went for a short walk in Clay Wood, which is really just a few paths running through a smallish clump 0f trees fairly near Sheffield city centre. I shouldn't really go there by myself, but I thought, "the sun's shining, it's Friday morning and I haven't a care in the world!" so risked it. Luckily, there were no flashers, murderers nor muggers, just a few birds... and daffodils! I always associate them with March, seems that they're blooming earlier every year.

Spring is Coming Already!

Where we live in Sheffield, we have a choice of three parks, and I think this one, in which the Cholera Monument is set, is the nicest for quietness and solitude, only the occasional elderly dog walker interrupts your reverie.

Cholera Monument through the trees

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