Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Season

Morning Snow by Mathew, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

After days and days, the snow is still here... and according to the BBC, tonight the temperature may fall as low as -20c in places. I'm more a spring and summer person, I'm not keen on the cold and I really really dislike slippery pavements, so much so that I've taken to wearing socks over my shoes when there's ice about. They do tend to help a little, and give a bit of traction when you're walking uphill (there's a lot of hills in Sheffield!). I must add though, they're no good in slush.

And although the cold and snow isn't my favourite weather by a long way, I have been enjoying the last couple of days of clear blue skies and bright sunshine. The alternative would probably be the usual January weather of grey skies, fog and damp...

Wishing everyone warm thoughts
Joey xx


  1. Looks beautiful, but I'm so over the snow! I've been stuck at home with two kids for days now and all my ideas to entertain have been used up!


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