Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Beautiful Things!

Do you know about the (fairly) new galleries feature on Flickr? It's great - you can curate your own little "art exhibition" of your favourite pictures, and there's no limit to the number of galleries you can create, the only limit is the number of pictures for each gallery (18 pictures). I've created a few so far; the gallery pictured above is a collection of images of things that I find particulary lovely. What do you think, do you like it? (click on the big picture above to go straight to the gallery on Flickr to look at more of these artists' work! have fun exploring!) Don't forget to comment if you like what you see! :D

The lovely things are (from top left to bottom right):
I love the simplicity and perfection of the snowflake in "my fascination continues" by carolyn_in_oregon
the "papier mache tiger" by mumblion is just super-cute!
I really like the character designs and the neutral colours of "in the woods" by Camilla Engman
"Red Door" by Virginhoney is so cute!
The "Charley Harper Tile Mural" photographed by ilovecoffeeyesido is wonderful, I just love Charles Harper's style.
The simple beauty of "with heart" by virginhoney is wonderful.
The cute felted world by pipapiep is just too cute and looks wonderfully well-made!
I think if I had the "ferris wheel bank" by unadventurous, I would definitely be encouraged to save my pennies in it!
I love the cute little boy on this Japanese yoghurt pot by Bubi Au Yeung
This short video, "el viento/Nick" by fantasiaink is so cute and fabulous!
I adore the "baby's bookshelf" by bpotstra
I think the "wool baby" by hine is so cute and clever too!
A wonderfully neat "hand embroidered Charley Harper cardinal" by arimethia - just gorgeous!
Fantastic design for the childrens' "ANORAK magazine" by Jack Hudson Illustration - creepy cute!
The very strange and beautiful "Forest Floor Beast" by Eva Funderburgh from her series of fantastical creatures
This cosy 1950s-feel scene, "Happy Holidays Everyone" by hine is adorably perfect!
The "Suitcase shelves" by Skunkboy Creatures are both ingenious and cute!
A super-pretty coaster: "Varligt underlagg!" by TM - the crocheteer! - too nice to use!

I hope you've had at least half as much joy from looking at these beauties, as I've had in compiling this list!

Smiles! :-)
Joey x

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