Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cute Way to Store Your Sewing Kit!

This is the second issue of Making Gifts Magazine, which features my house étui box. This is actually the first etui box I've made. If you haven't heard of étui boxes, they've been around for hundreds of years in various forms, and basically an étui box is a decorative container for small objects used by ladies and gentlemen, for example needlework equipment or grooming bits and bobs.

I decided to make mine as a little house. The roof (lid) lifts off, and the four "walls" of the house flop open to reveal pockets to store sewing things, although you can keep anything in there. There's also a little needle-book and I've made an apple-shaped pincushion which sits in the middle.

What I most enjoyed about making this was the embroidery on the front of the house; I'm getting more and more into embroidery and I can see myself making a large embroidery at some point soon... Secondly, it was lovely to see it all come together from what started out as a little idea in my mind, which I sketched out and then went through a process of designing how it would all fit together! It took a few cardboard models and lots of cheap felt to test my ideas out. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

What do you think? Do you like it? Would you like to make one for yourself?

If you'd like to get the instructions, you can either buy Making Gifts Magazine online and have it delivered to you free (UK customers) or you can buy it from Hobbycraft stores or your local craft supplies shop.

Joey x


  1. Congratulations for getting into the mag and your little house is gorgeous!

  2. Joey it's fantastic - *cheers* for you :D

  3. This sewing house is amazing - well done!

    BTW - Have nominated you for a sunshine

    Best regards


  4. joey, its really beautiful, so much work has gone in, its gorgeous. x x x x

  5. So sweet!
    The stitches are amazing!
    And the best part is that it's yours!

  6. Amazing! Such a beautiful work!


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