Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pinky Olives Etsy Treasury

This is my current treasury west list, what do you think? I really like these colours together, but I didn't know that until I came across Pirilampo Riscardo's super-sweet and unusual seed pod choker in salmon, olive, chocolate and cream (imagine THAT as the foodstuffs all together! Maybe not so good!). This inspired me to find more things with the same colour combination and these are the fruits of my labours!

Featured Etsy sellers, from left to right:
Uncommon, Pirlampo Riscardo, Lic Gifts, 5 Gardenias, Stash/Mariforssell, Pen Felt, Circs, Thumble, Amanda Archer, Jazz Baby 1920, Utile Mud, Golly Bard

Joey x


  1. I think this is gorgeous! Love it. All your treasuries are just lovely. You are doing very well to get them, I think it requires a bit perseverance ( unless you have a secret formula). I managed to get a few treasuries during last winter and might start trying again later this year in the autumn/winter.

  2. Cheers Julia! I like making treasuries... this is my 'secret' to getting them (no secret really!) http://www.craftopolis.com
    Have a look at the treasury clock and all will be revealed! It does still take a bit of patience though, as you still have to carefully wait for the last treasury to disappear and if you miss it, your chance to get your own will disappear too!
    best wishes
    Joey xx

  3. Love the colour combination of dusty pink and olive hehe! great choice of features too!

  4. Hey Joey the colours are good enough to eat. I would have the salmon as a first course. Then choc +cream pudding. The olive would be for decoration as I can't eat them!! :D

    Colour affects my choices in everything and it's great that you've found an interesting combination here :)



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