Monday, 20 July 2009

Button Up!

If you are a sewer, embroiderer, knitter or like making all sorts of crafty things, then like me, you're probably obsessed with buttons and will happily spend all your pocket money on them, whether you actually need them or intend to ever use them, or not! Well, if this is you, then it's likely that you'll like this treasury! Link

Sellers, from left to right:
Made for Fun, The Black Apple, Chanchke Designs, Jilliann's, Hand Knitted Things, Soap Store, Sweetgum Handbags, Brandywine, Veronica Buttons, Sugar Inc, Hydra Heart, Namolio.

Joey xx


  1. Love the treasury!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the next one! I shall be glued to the PC tonight waiting for my next one - yey!

  2. Buttons!

    Think you might like this:


  3. Cheers Kay! yes I love that moon embroidery, it's crazy and looks like it took ages to do! I've just been trawling that lady's blog and I can't find any other posts about it, I'd love to see it close-up... nice one, cheers for sharing, m'dear!
    Nice to see you Saturday!
    Joey xx

  4. joey?
    joey ramone?
    is it really you??

    you just favourited my picture of pete dale and i followed the links.. you remember me dear?
    nicky peacock from golden starlet?

    how are you?



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