Sunday, 21 June 2009

Finished Brooch - Little Tiger mini!

Little Tiger mini, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

Yippee! I've finished the first of the three amigos! Little Tiger mini here is made in lovely wool-blend felt (I think it's 30% wool, so I can iron it but it still has a nice soft natural feel, not harsh like polyester felt), which i've embroidered with black for the stripes and pink for his piggy nose!

I used Bondaweb to adhere the white and black pieces of felt to the orange base piece, as it makes it easier to stitch if the pieces are stuck on. Bondaweb is an essential material for me, I use it a lot when i'm making brooches. I used to pin the pieces but when you're working with tiny bits of felt, it isn't really the best way. Bondaweb securely bonds one fabric to another so it's like you're working with just one piece of fabric. You could use fabric glue but Bondaweb is so quick to use - after ironing, the fabric is ready to sew!

What's your favourite sewing/crafting material/tool?

Click here to see more pictures of Little Tiger mini on my flickr stream: Joey's Little Tiger Mini brooch


  1. oooohhhh Joey - too adorable! I love him to bits. Well done you I cannot wait to meet his little friends - bring him round for a picnic :-)

  2. aw he is so adorable! And look at all the detail - amazing! I'm too lazy to use Bondaweb and use double-sided tape instead :)


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