Saturday, 27 June 2009

Etsy Treasury - Wimbledon Special!

Tennis is one of the few sports on telly that I can actually watch. So with Wimbledon on this week, it's inspired me to make a treasury on Etsy to commemorate it! Don't you think these things are lovely??!

Why don't you take a closer look at these items and the Etsy shops they're from?

First row, l - r

I really love Sea Pinks little embroidered pendant, the stitches look immaculate.
Sugar Elf's strawberry milk cow is just too sweet for words and I could cuddle that cow to death!
The lightness and simplicity is what attracted me to Nature Mandalas' strawberry flower print.
Debi Birkin Designs' pattern for a strawberry badger is wonderfully detailed - who could be against badgers after seeing this?

Second row, l - r:

Now, if I was a little girl still, I'd want to wear Kitchy Coo Kids' strawberry blouse every day, it's so cute and bright.
Zibergirl's strawberry and cherries print dress looks lovely, the fabric and the style is fabulous.
A strawberry brooch from She Likes Cute is going to brighten up any outfit with its cute smile.
I really like crocheted baskets, and I love the colours of Jane Box's strawberries and cream container.

Third row, l - r:

Melissa Sue's strawberry/bird creatures are wonderfully other-worldly... unexpected and cute. I really like her photo of them as well, eating strawberries, the little cannibals! :D
I love lampwork beads, it's something I wish I could learn. Upsy Daisy Farm's glass beads are wonderful! Imagine them on a lovely bracelet together with turquoise flower beads and other lampwork red beads... just what I'd like.
I really like the simple elegance of this strawberry notecard from The Paper Peony. Cute for grown-ups.
I think all of Ume Crafts' felt patterns are wonderful but I especially like the cake ones... candy for the eyes only.

Fourth row, l - r:

Dinky Daisy's little wristlet is so neat and simple; cute, but too elegant for kids.
How could you not fall in love with Owlishly's little amigurumi crochet patterns of little folk?
The idea of a two-part stamp from Corrabelle is so clever! I love rubber stamps, I've made a few but nowhere as neatly as this.
I like La Pomme's little monochrome strawberry for its cosiness, it makes me feel contented just by looking at it.

Oh, and here's a bunny brooch I made wearing a strawberry dress. I'll be making another of these because I think she's so cute!

So enjoy your strawberries, either real or hand-crafted! :D

Joey x


  1. Thanks so much for including me, you have some really nice picks!

  2. Thank-you, I have some strawberry pouches on folksy too.. Have a good sunday

  3. Love your strawberry bunny - sweet :)


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