Friday, 5 June 2009

Famous Kitty!

I had a nice day on Thursday. Firstly, I had a lovely surprise. Argento (click for more pictures of Argento on my Flickr stream), the name of a Mewberry Cutes brooch which I made and sold over a year ago has been featured in the British sewing magazine, Sew Hip! I'm really pleased about it because I'm never sure how popular my creations are, so this has given me a real confidence boost!

Secondly, I went into Hillsborough and bought some lovely fabrics. I bagged a real bargain from the Extra Care Charitable Trust charity shop near to Morrison's, which is, in my humble opinion, the best charity shop in Hillsborough. A pair of very, very long bright orange and yellow striped curtains, obviously vintage (70s?) which i'm intending to use for making some bags, so watch this space if you're like me and your favourite colour is orange!

My favourite fabric shop, Fine Fabrics, is also in Hillsborough. It's a real 'aladdin's cave' of fabriccy treasures and there's some great bargains at the back of the shop if you've got the time/inclination to rummage, from £1 per metre! The shop sells mostly heavier upholstery fabric and quality wedding dress fabric but they also have lots of pretty dress fabrics and some nice wool flannel and corduroys. Well, everything really! If you're in Sheffield I recommend a visit.
So, add all that to the brilliant sunshine and blue skies, and you have a great day! I hope you all have great days like this too, they keep you going, don't they?
Best wishes
Joey xx


  1. Brilliant Joey!!! I'm so happy for you - did you know Argento was going to be in there?
    Sarah x

  2. Hiya Sarah! thank you! Yes I did know he would be there, but to be honest I thought i'd missed the issue, I think it was too late for the April issue and wasn't in May's for some reason... but who cares?! :D It's nice, isn't it.
    Joey xx

  3. Hey Joey

    Did you know that your Famous Kitty magazine page by Bowie Styleis on ? Just came across it!


  4. Cheers Louise! No, I didn't know that Bowie had a blog, she is the lady who contacted me to put Argento in Sew Hip.

    Joey xx


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