Saturday 26 April 2008


Oh my goodness, I haven't written anything in this blog for such a long time! I've been sewing, going to "real" work and generally wasting time! But I must write a bit about this lovely film I saw last week, directed by Mike Leigh and starring Sally Hawkins as the irrepressible Poppy.

It's a story about a very lovely primary school teacher who has an amazingly positive outlook on life. She starts driving lessons with an instructor who is the polar opposite of her; narrow-minded, negative and angry. While the instructor shouts at Poppy about her habit of wearing inappropriate driving footwear, she laughs and enjoys the moment... because anger just doesn't seem to be part of her. But she has a great empathy for any vulnerable person, and shows a lot of love and understanding. I would love to be like Poppy, she is incredibly joyous and bright, like a golden ray of sunshine! There are plenty of funny moments in this film and I think its the best comedy since last year's Little Miss Sunshine, because it shows people coping with life's setbacks and difficulties with humour and love.

The film showed how Poppy wanted to see happiness and light and that's what she saw; and the driving instructor only saw bitterness and hate in the same situations, because he didn't want to see anything else. The film seemed to say that we can, to some extent, decide what our world is; the world isn't just outside our bodies, its just as much made up of the feelings that we create in our own heads.

If you see this, you'll be chanting, "En-Ra-Ha" too!


  1. I MUST go and see this movie! I loved 'little miss Sunshine' and this sounds just as happy!
    The title is the same as your post-title?

  2. I saw it tonight and loved it just as much... :)

  3. Hi Joey - was just looking through your film list that you pointed out and came across this one. I saw it at the cinema and loved it too :D



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