Saturday, 29 March 2008

You, The Living

The 25-minute walk to the cinema last night seemed far longer in the cold, insistent rain and wind, but i'm glad to say that this film was worth every icy drop!
You, The Living is set in a city and tells many stories about some of the people living there, their hopes and dreams, their troubles and anxieties. I was taken on a dream-like journey through the sadness, loneliness and warmth of the people who inhabit this curious place. The film is made up of lots of short scenes which show different aspects of the human condition, from loneliness and frustration to joy and pleasure.
It opens with a man lying on a small uncomfortable sofa in a tiny, austere room. The man eventually awakes and addresses us, the audience, directly. I'm not that sure how I can describe the feeling that gave me, but the size of the cinema screen and the way the room had been shot, made me feel that I was actually in that room, like a guest in the house rather than a far-off spectator. This claustrophobic feeling continues as a theme throughout the film, as do many unexpected moments of surreal comedy and the muted, beige-coloured streets, people and
This is a film that I want to keep remembering.

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