Saturday, 27 June 2009

Etsy Treasury - Wimbledon Special!

Tennis is one of the few sports on telly that I can actually watch. So with Wimbledon on this week, it's inspired me to make a treasury on Etsy to commemorate it! Don't you think these things are lovely??!

Why don't you take a closer look at these items and the Etsy shops they're from?

First row, l - r

I really love Sea Pinks little embroidered pendant, the stitches look immaculate.
Sugar Elf's strawberry milk cow is just too sweet for words and I could cuddle that cow to death!
The lightness and simplicity is what attracted me to Nature Mandalas' strawberry flower print.
Debi Birkin Designs' pattern for a strawberry badger is wonderfully detailed - who could be against badgers after seeing this?

Second row, l - r:

Now, if I was a little girl still, I'd want to wear Kitchy Coo Kids' strawberry blouse every day, it's so cute and bright.
Zibergirl's strawberry and cherries print dress looks lovely, the fabric and the style is fabulous.
A strawberry brooch from She Likes Cute is going to brighten up any outfit with its cute smile.
I really like crocheted baskets, and I love the colours of Jane Box's strawberries and cream container.

Third row, l - r:

Melissa Sue's strawberry/bird creatures are wonderfully other-worldly... unexpected and cute. I really like her photo of them as well, eating strawberries, the little cannibals! :D
I love lampwork beads, it's something I wish I could learn. Upsy Daisy Farm's glass beads are wonderful! Imagine them on a lovely bracelet together with turquoise flower beads and other lampwork red beads... just what I'd like.
I really like the simple elegance of this strawberry notecard from The Paper Peony. Cute for grown-ups.
I think all of Ume Crafts' felt patterns are wonderful but I especially like the cake ones... candy for the eyes only.

Fourth row, l - r:

Dinky Daisy's little wristlet is so neat and simple; cute, but too elegant for kids.
How could you not fall in love with Owlishly's little amigurumi crochet patterns of little folk?
The idea of a two-part stamp from Corrabelle is so clever! I love rubber stamps, I've made a few but nowhere as neatly as this.
I like La Pomme's little monochrome strawberry for its cosiness, it makes me feel contented just by looking at it.

Oh, and here's a bunny brooch I made wearing a strawberry dress. I'll be making another of these because I think she's so cute!

So enjoy your strawberries, either real or hand-crafted! :D

Joey x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bunnigami! Simple Origami with Bunnies Part 1

I've finally got around to posting the first of a series of origami instructions which i've drawn by hand and illustrated with bunnies. Well, what else? If you've been to my Etsy shop, you'll know by now that I have a bit of bunny fixation. :)

I'm going to be putting a new set of instructions here every Thursday, so make a note in your diaries if you'd like to join in the origami fun! Follow me on Twitter if you need a reminder!
Joey xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Yippee! I've been featured in an Etsy treasury today! I love it when that happens, it feels so special, it really makes my day! Thank you to Theresa of Utile Mud for including me in such a colourful collection! :-)

Read her interview on Etsy here: Featured Seller: Utile Mud
Theresa makes wonderful ceramics by hand. I love this beautiful pink and brown bowl especially, it reminds me of a conch shell with the flesh-coloured pink inside juxtaposed with the rougher exterior.
Ok then, time to carry on sewing methinks!
Joey xx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Bunny Giraffe brooch - first step

Bunny Giraffe brooch - first step, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

I've finished the very first steps in making a new brooch - I've cut out felt (using templates which I drew myself), and ironed on felt appliques using Bondaweb. The felt is backed with mediumweight Vilene iron-on interfacing for extra strength.
The next step will be to add a brooch pin to the back and add features to the face.
More to come soon, so watch this space!

Joey x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Finished Brooch - Little Tiger mini!

Little Tiger mini, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

Yippee! I've finished the first of the three amigos! Little Tiger mini here is made in lovely wool-blend felt (I think it's 30% wool, so I can iron it but it still has a nice soft natural feel, not harsh like polyester felt), which i've embroidered with black for the stripes and pink for his piggy nose!

I used Bondaweb to adhere the white and black pieces of felt to the orange base piece, as it makes it easier to stitch if the pieces are stuck on. Bondaweb is an essential material for me, I use it a lot when i'm making brooches. I used to pin the pieces but when you're working with tiny bits of felt, it isn't really the best way. Bondaweb securely bonds one fabric to another so it's like you're working with just one piece of fabric. You could use fabric glue but Bondaweb is so quick to use - after ironing, the fabric is ready to sew!

What's your favourite sewing/crafting material/tool?

Click here to see more pictures of Little Tiger mini on my flickr stream: Joey's Little Tiger Mini brooch

Saturday, 20 June 2009

New Brooches Coming Up!

I'm starting some new brooches today, so watch this space... they will be based upon three little friends who share our house, pictured here... I'll be posting pictures soon.

Will they be cute? You bet! :D
Joey xx

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunset Fireworks Bag

orange bag in garden, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

You know that fabric I bought from the Extra Care charity shop in Hillsborough the other week? Well, I finished the first bag made with it about a week ago. It took me about 15 hours to make in all! I really love this stripey orange fabric, it's so sunshiney and bright and also reminds me of my bedroom when I was about 4 years old. My eldest sister (who is 16 years older than me) had just decorated it as she wanted - completely in a deep, rich orange; and then promptly got married and left home! Not that it was a sudden event because it wasn't, it was a very well prepared event for which I was bridesmaid for the first time, and loved every minute of it. But this meant that I got to have her bedroom - orange walls, orange sink with an orange tiled surround, orange floral curtains (very 70s design in some very nasty synthetic fabric!), and I think the carpet might have been orange and brown, but I may have been making that bit up. I loved her bedroom before it became mine, chiefly because she liked cooking and had under her bed, a couple of shoeboxes of pictures of different food which she'd cut from magazines. These were very lovely, and I wasn't meant to touch them. Anyway, I think this may be one reason why I love the colour orange so much.

You can also tell from this bag that I love buttons and embroidery! I really enjoy the repetition of embroidery, there's something meditative about it, it concentrates your mind but also lets you think of other things whilst you're doing it. I feel so relaxed when i'm embroidering.

Do you love this bag? See the listing for it on my Etsy shop:
My goodness, i'm doing an origami workshop at the Sheffield Pride festival a week today. Naturally, i'm a little apprehensive, mostly that people won't turn up, and i'll be making origami all by myself!! I've spent hours cutting and sticking some nice yellow wallpaper to make squares of paper large enough for hats which will fit adult heads! When I get started on something, I always think it'll take just an hour or so, but that hour turns into 4 or 5 hours... Well, you live and learn. Anyway, if you will be in Sheffield next Saturday (20 June), please pop over to Endcliffe Park off Ecclesall Road at 3:30 p.m. and come and join in the paperfolding fun!

A few friends who came to my 'test' workshop a few weeks ago did blog posts about it:
Janine's blog:

Louise's blog:

Julia's blog:

Thank you again everyone! :D
Joey xx

Friday, 5 June 2009

Famous Kitty!

I had a nice day on Thursday. Firstly, I had a lovely surprise. Argento (click for more pictures of Argento on my Flickr stream), the name of a Mewberry Cutes brooch which I made and sold over a year ago has been featured in the British sewing magazine, Sew Hip! I'm really pleased about it because I'm never sure how popular my creations are, so this has given me a real confidence boost!

Secondly, I went into Hillsborough and bought some lovely fabrics. I bagged a real bargain from the Extra Care Charitable Trust charity shop near to Morrison's, which is, in my humble opinion, the best charity shop in Hillsborough. A pair of very, very long bright orange and yellow striped curtains, obviously vintage (70s?) which i'm intending to use for making some bags, so watch this space if you're like me and your favourite colour is orange!

My favourite fabric shop, Fine Fabrics, is also in Hillsborough. It's a real 'aladdin's cave' of fabriccy treasures and there's some great bargains at the back of the shop if you've got the time/inclination to rummage, from £1 per metre! The shop sells mostly heavier upholstery fabric and quality wedding dress fabric but they also have lots of pretty dress fabrics and some nice wool flannel and corduroys. Well, everything really! If you're in Sheffield I recommend a visit.
So, add all that to the brilliant sunshine and blue skies, and you have a great day! I hope you all have great days like this too, they keep you going, don't they?
Best wishes
Joey xx


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