Friday, 20 March 2009

The Man Behind The Slime!

count arthur strong, originally uploaded by Joey 7.

At last! I bought our tickets to see the venerable Count way back in January, and now we've got to see him in person! It was a fantastic night, I laughed so much I gave myself a belly-ache! :D

If you've never heard of Count Arthur Strong, then you're missing out... he's the creation of Steve Delaney, and a bit of cross between John Shuttleworth and a music hall act. Count Arthur was a big star back in his day, and he's many many adoring fans now... He's had four series on Radio 4 which are all available on CD, which I heartily recommend if you don't think that laughing is pertinent. Now, I have a very big laugh when I hear something truly funny, but the woman next to me was the polar opposite... I kept glancing at her, she had the slightest mona lisa-type smile... and we were sat in the front row!! I LOVE laughing, it makes me feel wonderful, I cannot understand why someone wouldn't laugh... she could have laughed at me, making a fool of myself laugh like a hyena!! :D

To be honest, I wish i'd stayed behind to say hello to the great man himself, but I didn't, I hadn't got the patience to stand around waiting. Plus I wanted another rum and coke... well, it is Friday night!! But I was so so sad to see him go off stage!

Count Arthur Strong - a wonderful performer, 50 years in the business and still going strong into the 20th century!

Count Arthur Strong's official site


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