Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Some Favourites from the UK Etsy group

I love Etsy so much I thought I'd share my enthusiasm with you! Here are a few of my favourites from the Etsy UK group on flickr.

1. Who can resist the lovely colours and happy smile of Claire Payne's Smiley Saturn? He's so unusual, I think a Smiley Jupiter is in order (my favourite planet after Earth).
2. Cherry Pip's lilac tartan daisy flower brooch is very pretty, I really like how each little flower is slightly different because of the patterned felt which Nicola has used.
3 and 9. Miss Niff/Stitcher Scribbler's haunted house and sweet pumpkin are wonderfully cute, far too nice for halloween! I really like the attention to detail in these soft sculptures and the neat craftsmanship.
4 and 8. Lusummers/Summersville's beautiful handprinted fabric is fantastic! The blue and turquoise design reminds me of lovely mid-century Swedish fabric patterns and the colours are great! The tiny quilt shows off the designs beautifully and I love the wavy stitching, very neat.
5 and 6. Natasha Smart's decadent handmade felt bags are a delight to look at, and I imagine they're lovely to hold and carry around too! I love the rich, bold colours in these.
7. There are so many felt flower brooches on Etsy, but Kayla Coo's flowers in muted tones are attractively different to the rest, I really like the combination of pastels with the natural greys and pebble-colours.

I hope you're inspired to go and look at these shops on Etsy, and more!

Joey x


  1. Awww! thanks for featuring my smiley saturn! He's my favourite planet i've made so far. Jupiter is on the way - maybe finished his weekeng is i get some sewing time :)

  2. Cheers Claire, I can't wait to see her (I think Jupiter is a she rather than a he)!

    Joey x

  3. So kind to show my brooches on your blog.
    Many thanks.xx

  4. You're welcome Kayla Coo! I hope more brooches are in the works! :D
    Joey x


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