Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Halloween Etsy Treasury

I've actually been able to do a treasury this morning, which has been fun but I always feel very guilty when i'm doing it (i've so many other things I could be doing!), but never mind!

Click here to see my halloween treasury on Etsy and to visit the shops which are selling these lovely wares!

I couldn't fit everything in, and it's so hard to make a choice... so here are some others that I wanted to include but are 'reserves' in case any in the treasury are sold...

I love this card, so sweet and you could almost warm your hands on the colour! from Smacshop

Look at these little cuties! What an adorable way to decorate a present... now I could get used to presents at Halloween if anyone who knows me is reading this... ;-) from Smile Recipe

More cuteness! This time from Etsy favourite Black Lily Pie. Badges and stickers... swoon!

and this is just wonderful! A massive pack of paper fun for kids and kids at heart (like me!), all brilliantly illustrated with spooky characters. From Elsiecake

So you see, halloween can be as cute as you want!
Joey x


  1. OH thank you for including me among these fantabulous holiday wonders. I am honored, and happy to find some new artists in your group I'd never seen before!

  2. What a fun treasury!!! I love your picks. I went by and clickey-clicked them all!
    Smiles, Karen

  3. What a cute selection of eyecandy!! I love the skullies =)


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