Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pretty Dresses

Special Dresses!
 My friend Claire has just asked me, "Why don't you blog about the stuff you're making?" Well, the reason (or excuse) is that I'm very disorganised! I think I keep up quite a good pretence most of the time that this isn't the case, but if you saw inside our home, you'd realise that it's all just a front.
Anyway, I'll try to turn over a new leaf RIGHT NOW, and show & tell you what I've been up to over the past couple of weeks.

work in progress... a lot of blank faces!
 I have a little stash of very lovely fabrics that I never seem to get around to using, and I've had in my mind for a while that I'd make some little bunny and kitty brooches with them all wearing little dresses in these lovely fabrics.  I wanted to make something different and special for the Craft Candy Christmas craft fair on 27 November (which is only six weeks away - ARRGHHH! I'M NOT PREPARED! I will be though, I will be...) at which I will be having a stall, so if you're in the South Yorkshire area you must come along to get a bit of Christmas shopping in, Craft Candy fairs are always brilliant displays of beautiful handmade arts and crafts.
I've made a collection of nine (one has already flown the nest though... She's not pictured here), each with a different dress fabric, which is also on the backs (of course! Otherwise it would be rude for a prim little bunny or kitty to have a bare behind).
the back of one of the brooches, showing back of 'dress' and the brooch pin
I've embroidered the collars on by hand (it isn't lace) with cast-on buttonhole stitch (although the pink bunny in the strawberry print dress has a green woven picot collar, because it looks a bit like the calyx on a strawberry).

cast-on buttonhole collars
woven picot collar
 The next thing I'll be working on will be a bag or two along the same lines as my embroidered concentric circles bags (orange one pictured below)... more news about them soon! Oh and a little secret...
The orange 'concentric circles' bag
Have a good Monday everyone!
Best wishes
Joey x


  1. Oh Joey they are just so beautiful! Your work is so perfect I really am in awe whenever I see what you have done. As to the one thats flown the nest I know where it has gone - a very special present to a very secial person - when I need something really totally wonderful for someone I always think of your beautiful brooches. Thank you for showing us these and MORE BLOG POSTS about your amazing creations please ;-)

  2. Thanks Louise!

    Thank you Claire for your lovely comments! I'm glad that you nagged me (snigger!) to blog about making stuff, it might get me out of the non-blogging rut!
    Joey xxx

  3. These are the cutest things, EVER!

  4. Thank you Vivienne, that's lovely of you to say so!
    Joey x


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