Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy New Year of The (Little) Tiger!


It's ME, Little Tiger, as IF you didn't know, ya bloomin' idiot!! And because I'm so POPULAR and LOVED by EVERYONE, they've made it MY year starting TODAY, called "YEAR OF THE LITTLE TIGER"!!

So to make you all VERY HAPPY and so you can all CONGRATULATE me on me being WONDERFUL in every aspect, I've taken over Joey's blog, and put up a GOOD post for a change!!

I've seen that lots of very CREATIVE and CLEVER people on Etsy have been celebrating ME, LITTLE TIGER and made lots of things with ME on... which I know they are going to bring to me IN PERSON (as it's Sunday and the postie doesn't work on Sundays – which is SO lazy, the bloomin' IDIOT!!) so I'll be waiting by the back door for all the GIFTS! Form an orderly queue, ya bloomin' idiots!!

Anyway, I've decided that as a treat, I'm going to show you what I'M going to GET!
By the way, the BEAUTEOUS picture at the top of the page is me in the snow. But I'm NOT cold because I'M AS HARD AS NAILS!!

Year of the Tiger Kitty calendar by novarhyme - like me, very cute.

New Year Tiger 2010 - Print by Tavisha - a very handsome and fierce tiger, just like me.
Happy New Year Tiger Patchwork Doll Japanese craft kit by MeMe Craftwork - all the lovely ladies like this little tyke. It's a problem I have as well... something that us SUPERSTARS just have to get used to...

Year of the Tiger archival print by Betsy Thompson Studio - a very handsome tiger, but if it was ME, I'd be getting a PIGGY-BACK from HER!! What a cheek.

year of the tiger by Dutch Door - ME, doing a very skilful dance through some beautiful flowers. I look EXTREMELY HANDSOME, don't you think??!

And if you DIDN'T like this FANTASTIC post (I can't IMAGINE how you couldn't) then you're an IDIOT!!

Best wishes,
Little Tiger xxxxxxxx


  1. i really enjoyed that lil tiger! thanks! x x x

  2. Thanks Dilys Treacle. Wanna go out sometime? You can buy me a present.

    Little Tiger, Superstar

  3. Hey Little Tiger you shouldn't leave rude words on Joeys blog Oh Sorry I mean your blog!!! Don't ask for too many presents or you won't get anything! you greedy stripster! Bloomin Idiot is a very naughty word!

  4. Hey Little Tiger I was more than happy with The Joester writing the articles I think the journalistic integrity has gone AWOL since you took over!

  5. Elliot and your Bloomin BIG IDEAS - I had no idea that BLOOMIN IDIOT was a naughty thing to write, I hear Joey saying it ALL the time!

    And you're wrong too Pin Factory - I've decided that I'm here to stay, the Joester as you call her writes about herself all the time, how self-centred is that??
    Little Tiger

  6. Magic post Little Tiger :D

    I'll be in touch this week so we can all get together soon.



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