Thursday, 15 October 2009

Christmas is Coming!

This Etsy treasury was created by my friend Claire of The Pin Factory; isn't it great?! I love the cosy homespun feeling you get from it, and all the objects look so lovingly created. It features my advent calendar garland with Fuyumi the bunny brooch (see below) too. Handmade decorations are far nicer than factory-made, and especially at Christmas, when it feels better for your soul to steer far away from all the bustling shops packed with harassed shoppers. Stay at home and make your own (with recycled materials if possible) decorations instead! Or if your talents lie elsewhere than the sphere of crafts, remember you can buy wonderful handcrafted and artist-designed objects of beauty (at great prices too!) on the wonderful Etsy!
I made an awful mess of our office where I work by making our team have a recycled Christmas... it would have been better I think if I didn't have such a large area to decorate. I used the empty capsules from Kinder toys and strung them on threads to make garlands; paper cranes; other plastic odds and ends decorated with sequins and stuff... it was quite eclectic!
Yes, Christmas isn't far away! The first signs have been around for a couple of months in the high street though of course (tins of chocolates and biscuits on ridiculous offers, tempting you to buy to "put away for Christmas"... haha! yeh right!) but now that seasonal feeling has come to our own house; I have finished and listed my second advent calendar garland with a bunny brooch on Etsy! The idea is that you put the bunny in the appropriate star pocket (each is numbered 18 to 24 - the seven days before Christmas) and then the next day, move her to the next pocket, and so on!
I made one last year and sold it on Etsy, and the one I've made this year is in shades of red and green with cream. It's on sale on Etsy now...

Click the picture below to see it on Etsy:
I hope this post has filled you with warm and cosy feelings, and not of apprehension and fear of the annual family get-together and the usual arguments...
It's 10 weeks tomorrow! :D
Joey xx

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